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New to iKan? We’ll help you renew a vehicle, renew driver's licenses, obtain vital records, and more.

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  • Am I eligible to renew my license online? plus-icon minus-icon

    Kansas citizens are required to meet the following conditions to renew a driver license online:  Your license is within 12 months before or after your expiration date. You are a United States citizen. Your license is currently valid. You have had...
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  • Can I order a Real ID online? plus-icon minus-icon

    Unfortunately, due to the documentation requirements for the application process, iKan users cannot apply for a Real ID during the online renewal application. However, if you already have a Real ID, this endorsement will persist to your new creden...
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  • When will I receive my renewed license? plus-icon minus-icon

    If you recently completed a renewal application for your license on iKan, you will receive your license within about 60 days.   Why does it take so long? First, the Kansas Department of Revenue must wait 4-6 business days to receive exam informati...
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  • My renewal was rejected, can I have a refund? plus-icon minus-icon

    Unfortunately, all driver's license renewal application fees are non-refundable.
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