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  • Add a Property Account to iKan plus-icon minus-icon

    You'll need to find your property on iKan to see available bills, make tax payments, and schedule future payments. To link an account:   1. Under iKan Property Tax, click Find Property   2. Select your county by clicking County Name    3. Click o...
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  • Search Tips to Find a Property plus-icon minus-icon

    To view your tax account details and make payments towards your property tax bill, click Find Property under the iKan Property Tax feature to get started.        Search Options Parcel ID / Doc # Statement Number Property Address Owner ID # / Tax...
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  • Remove a Property Account from iKan plus-icon minus-icon

    If you no longer own a property, or wish to remove it from your iKan profile, follow the steps below.  Note: Removing a property account from iKan will not affect the property’s ownership status or any taxes due. Any remaining property taxes will ...
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