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  • How to find your Kansas property tax receipt online plus-icon minus-icon

    Have you recently made a payment for your Kansas County property taxes and need to find a receipt? For Smith and Shawnee County users, look no further than iKan. The PayIt platform allows users to complete property tax payments online with ease a...
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  • How to find your Kansas county property tax account number online plus-icon minus-icon

    Need to track down your Kansas county property tax account number? While each county has multiple forms -- and perhaps slight differences -- in their identifying information, the property tax account number is typically synonymous with the parcel ...
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  • Add a property account to your profile plus-icon minus-icon

    In order to see available bills, make tax payments and schedule future payments, iKan users will need to first add the property tax account to their profile.  To link an account, follow the steps below:   1. Visit iKan, log in or create an accoun...
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  • Search tips to find a property plus-icon minus-icon

    If you're having trouble locating your property on iKan, use the search tips below:    After signing in to iKan and clicking selecting Find Property under the "Property Tax" section, you will have several different search options to locate your ...
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  • Remove a property account from my profile plus-icon minus-icon

    If you no longer own a property, or wish to remove it from your iKan profile, follow the steps below:  Note: Removing a property account from iKan will not affect the property’s ownership status or any taxes due. Any remaining property taxes will ...
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